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Dr. Alexander LaFollett is blogger based in Forest Grove, Oregon, focused on local government in the city and in Washington County as a whole, with a special emphasis on land use and transportation issues. After having an extremely accelerated education, beginning college just before his 13th birthday, he received his Ph.D. in Music Composition and Theory at the University of Oregon in 2013.  He currently teaches at Portland Community College. His musical side is on display at alexanderlafollett.com.
Alexander ran for Forest Grove City Council as a virtual unknown in the 2014, on a platform emphasizing the city’s unaddressed issues with residential growth, lack of retail and industry, and inadequate roadway infrastructure, managing 10% of the vote in a race where no single candidate exceeded 17%.


As someone engrained with the rigors of academia, with the unusual hobby of reading local land use and transportation policy documents in his spare time, Alexander brings a thoroughly analytic approach to the most critical issues facing Forest Grove and Washington County.